CPNS Recruitment Pusat Pelaporan dan Analis Transaksi Keuangan (PPATK)

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CPNS 2013 PPATK | PPATK Recruitment

Duties, Functions and powers :

PPATK has the task of preventing and eradicating the crime of money laundering.
In carrying out its task, PPATK has the function as follows:
  • Prevention and eradication of the crime of money laundering;
  • the management of data and information BEING obtained;
  • supervision of compliance with the reporting Party; and
  • analysis or examination of the reports and information on financial transactions that berindikasi money laundering criminal acts and/or other criminal acts
Based on the decision of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform and reform of the bureaucracy is Number 211 2013 of the civil servant Formation Center of financial transaction reporting and analysis fiscal year 2013, Center of financial transaction reporting and analysis (PPATK) opens an opportunity to the sons and daughters of Indonesia's best graduates Strata 1 (S-1) and Diploma III (D-III) to become a candidate for civil servants (CPNS) in the neighborhood BEING ABLE, with the following conditions :

 Untuk alur dan tatacara pendaftaran silahkan kunjungi :
 Registering PPATK
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